Talking textiles. Crafting community. Stitching stories.
Fabric  noun

• A cloth made by knitting, weaving or felting fibres as well as ​the texture or quality of such cloth.

cloth, material, textile

• A complex underlying structure,

e.g. the fabric of society.

framework, organization, foundation

• A structural material ​such as masonry or timber and the physical structure made from this material.

structure, construction, infrastructure

Thread  noun

• A fine cord, filament, fibre or a fine cord of twisted filaments.

strand, fibre, yarn

• ​Something acting as the continuous link or theme of a whole theme.

storyline, train of thought

Thread  verb

• To pass through or to string. To thread a needle or to thread beads.

• To make one’s way through or over something.

move, pass, meander



Talking Textiles: We discuss, learn and talk about textiles, threads, yarn, cloth, and fabric.

Crafting Community: We find the origins and the roots of skills like spinning, weaving, dyeing, knitting, and stitching. We visit the people whose lives are defined by these trades and crafts.

Stitching Stories: We follow the thread, spin a yarn, and tell stories of the people, places and products that owe their lives and livelihood to fabric and thread.

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